B2 Courts is a privately owned beach volleyball facility located in Modesto, Ca. B2 Courts were created to bring beach volleyball opportunities to the Modesto area.

B2 Courts are owned and operated by Brenda Moser (Coach B). Coach B is the owner and director of Velocity Volleyball Club as well as the head women’s volleyball coach at Modesto Jr College. “I want to bring as many volleyball opportunities to the valley as I can. There are so many benefits to beach volleyball. Thanks to the forced time off during quarantine, we were fortunate enough to make our vision come to life.” – Coach B

What we have to offer…

B2 Courts is located in beautiful Wood Colony, sitting on a 1 acre parcel. The facility consists of two beach volleyball courts with 6,400 sq ft sand playing area, back stops and nets to prevent balls from rolling out, covered viewing patio, 2 private bathrooms, and stadium lights for night time playing.

There is an abundance of things to do in sand. At B2 Courts, we are looking to bring a variety of services:

  • Beach Volleyball*: boys & girls, clinics, pairs play, tournaments
  • Beach Yoga
  • The “I don’t want to workout” Workout – COMING SOON

*At this time, we do not have any opportunities for adult players due to insurance restrictions. We are hoping to have playing opportunities for adults in the near future.

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