All participants in B2 Courts tournaments MUST be current AAU Members. Click here to purchase membership(s).

Welcome to B2 Courts Tournament Central

Participants will register as a Team. Please have all players information ready at time of registration.

Play Procedures: All participants will check-in with Tournament Director upon arrival.

  • Pool play: 2 pools, 4 teams in each. Play one set to 21.
  • Single Elimination Bracket (Best 2 out of 3 sets)
  • All players will be required to officiate matches
  • Doubles, nets, open hand tips and open hand on first ball, will be enforced

Parking: Parking is available in the front and back of the property. Please pull into the driveway with the gate and drive through the gate into the back. We will have folks out to help point you in the right direction.

Daily check-in form: ALL PERSONS who enter the property must fill out the DAILY CHECK-IN FORM. Please fill this out before you come to B2 Courts. Form can be found here.

Seating: we ask that all players and spectators please bring your own chairs and blankets. You are welcome to set up anywhere on the grass or under the trees. 

Bathrooms: we have two bathrooms available for players and spectators. These bathrooms are located in the blue shop in the back of the property. The restrooms will be sanitized several time throughout the day. 

Sanitizer: We will have hand sanitizer available all over the property. We ask that all players use before EACH set and spectators grab some throughout the day. 

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