I Guess, Fitness

The “I don’t want to workout but I guess I will” workout. We provide the location, the exercises, and the music. You do with it what you want. Want to push hard? Do it. Want to go half-ass? Go ahead, we don’t care. Bring your own weights, or don’t. Whatever floats your boat. Want to just burn some calories so you feel better about your “diet”? We are the place for you.

All participants should be in healthy physical condition. Please consult your physician about any concerns.

All participants must fill out a Participant Waiver before first class, and Daily Check-In Form every class.


B2 Courts is 6,400 sq ft sand pit. Working out in sand has many benefits. Added resistance and low impact to name a few.

Private bathrooms

Large covered seating patio

Large grass area


30 minute workouts, Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays*

9:30 am

Routines written for all to view

Exercises set on a timer. Do as much as you want, or don’t. Whatever.

All participants are responsible for bringing their own equipment: weights, resistance bands, yoga mat, towel, water bottles, ect.

*3 weeks of each month


Two Options

$75 Monthly Membership (Non-refundable)

$10 drop in

Come every time, or whenever you feel like it.

Only 15 spots available/day

Must be over 18 years of age

Get your First Class on us!

Sign up now, or don’t.

Meet your coordinators

A blonde and a brunette walk into a bar…

Sisters, Sue Rogers (blonde) & Brenda Moser (brunette), are local gals who don’t take life too seriously (as pictured). They came up with the idea of I Guess, Fitness during quarantine. They both have been members of gyms and fitness instructors at gyms, and know that those scenes are not for everyone.

Sue brings 18+ years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Brenda is the head volleyball coach at Modesto Junior College as well as owner and director of Velocity Volleyball Club. Not just joeschmo certifications, but Bachelors and Masters degrees in Kinesiology, Coaching, Athletics, and Wellness.

“We don’t really ever want to workout, but we do. We don’t get excited to do the workout but always feel better after we do. We had a feeling others felt the exact same way.” -Sue

“We wanted to create a place with a workout structure but everyone can do whatever they wanted to. Members can even just come walk around for 30 minutes in the sand. We aren’t going to pressure you, unless you want us to.” -Brenda

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