Boys Beach

Boys volleyball is growing and B2 Courts is here to help grow the game.

B2 Courts will be hosting weekly boys only clinics. These clinics are for boys in the 7th-12th grades. These sessions are for boys who have playing experience. At least 1 year of club experience or 2 years of school experience.

Players who do not have experience are welcome to participate in our weekly beginner clinics. Click here for more information.

Space is very limited. Only 12 players per session. We recommend players find a partner. Beach volleyball is played in pairs. It’s not necessary to have a partner but will help when competing during clinics.

All skills will be taught at clinics with competitions at the end.

Players are welcome to attend as many of these clinics as they want!


9/23:30-5:30pm$20REGISTER NOW
9/93:30-5:30pm$20REGISTER NOW
9/163:30-5:30pm$20REGISTER NOW
9/233:30-5:30pm$20REGISTER NOW
9/303:30-5:30pm$20REGISTER NOW

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