2021/22 Team Information

Per the Northern California Volleyball Association (NCVA) :

  • Tryouts: July 30 – August 31
  • Optional Camps, Clinics, and Open Gyms: August/September/October
    • NO organized Team Practices during this time due to the High School season
  • Pre-season: November 1 – November 30
    • Team Practices may begin, with flexibility due to High School State Championships
  • Season starts: December 1
    • Team Practices may begin in full.

Athletes in the B2 volleyball program will receive the benefits of training from both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. USA Volleyball’s Director of Sports Development, John Kessel, believes to improve your indoor volleyball game, beach volleyball is where it’s at. By having to touch the ball almost every rally, as well as playing every position, beach volleyball fine tunes your focus on your individual skills.

B2 will start the season training and competing indoors. Once the weather allows (end of February, beginning of March), Each team will have one beach practice/week. Beach training will take place at our own private beach volleyball facility, B2 Courts. Players will get the opportunity to compete in beach tournaments at B2 Courts, club vs club challenges, and register for other tournaments on their own.

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